On the Road Again

July 11th, 2017
We headed out of Missoula and on to Helena. We’ve developed a routine for when we move on from a place. JP does the outside maintenance and all that goes with disconnecting the trailer and getting it hitched back up to the truck. I do the inside cleaning so we arrive at the next destination fresh and ready to go and secure everything for the trip. Other than the inconsistent internet and occasional cell lapses the only real pain is going to the laundromat. We only have so many clothes with us so there is no way around it!

We arrived at Lincoln Road RV on the outskirts of Helena and got settled in.

Hmmmm….Stay here?Lincoln RV



Or here?

Holter Missouri 2

Jerry wanted to go back to scout some of the places he had fished years back with Tim and Dennis. So, we went scouting and found Holter Damn and the Missouri River. There was dry camping there, right on the water!  So back to our trailer to pack up and head to the NEW camping spot in the AM. The view was MUCH better at the new location!Holter Deer


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