Feb 8 th – 15th 2017

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Sun! Yes we have found it! Clear skies and 70 degrees! We moved into the RV spot we will be in this week. All settled in.The Elks Lodge is huge! They served 582 dinners our first night here, of course, it was BBQ rib night so that probably explains it.

We’re still getting some loose ends tied up and getting the last (I hope) of the unexpected items we need to be at home on the road. Evidently, I’m using way too much data and had to upgrade my ATT package. It’s not my fault – I just don’t trust Siri anymore so I have to check her time and again! Today when we asked where the nearest car wash was she said “I think cars should wash themselves – don’t you?” She is copping an attitude and can’t be trusted.

We visited the London Bridge and walked the docks. All I can think is that the fellas that thought it was a good idea to move a sinking bridge from London to Lake Havasu were amazingly ambitious and had a keen attention to detail. I’m betting it was a huge team of insomniacs that passed the nights away planning each and every detail.

It is certainly a different world here. No grass anywhere and no real trees to be found. The lake is still a bit too cool for great fishing but we gave it our best. Really windy though which made it rough but all in all a sunny day on the water!

Its a different kind of landscape but the weather is awesome! Its way too big a city for us though and we are looking forward to heading to White Tank Mountain near Surprise AZ. We will be seeing our friends Jeannie and Randy in Surprise and really looking forward to it!

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