Feb 16, 2017

thumbnail_img_24041Hooking up with Friends

We met up with our friends Jean and Randy at Happy Trails Resort in Surprise today. We got a full tour of the facilities, pools, hot tubs, diner, golf course, pickle ball courts, shops, and neighborhoods. Our friends have a lovely park model that they have made their own and are really happy here in their second home. We also met some other folks from Sweet Home and oddly enough I knew the women folk from fitness classes decades ago. The Happy Trails lifestyle is pretty casual and upbeat – everyone seems upbeat and happy to be here. It was a relaxing sunny day and there is nothing quite like laughing with friends!

4 thoughts on “Feb 16, 2017

  1. charmed, lucky, blessed! that is a good discription if you two!!! but more so Al and I for getting to spend a couple years of our lives with you guys!!!! love and miss you muchly! roll on my friends, roll on!!!!

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