Feb 19,2017

Really? More Rain?

The weather wouldn’t seem to let up so we headed to Glendale in search of Cabela’s. Turns out this isn’t your average Cabela’s (though I’m not sure there is an average Cabela’s?) This showroom is 160,000 sq. ft. and truly something to see. The wildlife decor was pretty amazing and if that wasn’t enough – yes! There was a Fudge Store, Cafe with wild game on the menu, Popcorn and Peanut Store, Shoe Store, Aquarium, and (wait for it . . . ) Bargain Room! I haven’t a clue how long we were there but I wasn’t bored for a minute.

We took a drive around the University of Phoenix Stadium (also known as the dome) and home of the Arizona Cardinals. While there we were lured into an RV Show were we dodged the downpours and saw the newest version of our Lucky. Far too soon to be thinking of an upgrade but fun to see whats out there. 

We finished the evening with a show – The Great Wall.  JP liked it – me not so much. Before the show we stopped at a little store next door to the theater called Rocketfizz. It had all kinds of novelty stuff especially food treats like the candy we had as kids back in the day and soda like Bubble Up and Kick a Poo Joy Juice. Where do they find that stuff?

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