A Little Bit of Bandon

June 26th -June 28th, 2019

Wednesday June 26th – We left Canyonville and headed back to Bandon. JP wanted to pick up his boat which has kindly been stored at our friends Mike and Ann’s place for most of our road trip. We stayed at their house when JP was recovering from surgery so it feels like home.

Ceasars Mike and Ann

Thursday June 27th –  Ann made us all a nice breakfast and she and I went thrift store shopping (quite successfully too) and got back just as Robert, Mike and JP got in from an uneventful fishing trip. 

Our friends Robert and Sue just got back from a road trip and had their granddaughter Taylor visiting from California. So the Johnson’s, the Richey’s and the Pomeroy’s did dinner at Billy Smoothboar’s so we could all catch up. 

mike 2

Friday June 28th – We were packed up and JP had the boat hooked up in no time. Mike and Ann took us to breakfast in old town Bandon before we hit the road back to the Valley. A short but sweet visit!


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