Movie, Some Crazy Shoes and Puppets!

Saturday April 20th, 2019

The fellas were good sports while I window shopped Abbott Kinney.  The murals are odd and fun – I guess that’s part of why Abbott Kinney is described as “the coolest block in America.”

The streets are lined with upper end and unusual shops and boutiques. None of the run of the mill stuff here! 

Who doesn’t need a little love nest? Who knew a unicorn’s horn could double as a bracelet display?

We stopped into a store called Jadis a “prop and curiosity cabinet” and the owner was happy to give us all kinds of history about the store and its unusual contents. No photos allowed but DO do go to its so very unique!

We decided to go to the show and  I picked Shazam (because Rotten Tomatoes gave it such a high score). I thought it was fun, but even though we had recliners for seats and more popcorn than we could eat – the guys wanted those 2 hours of their life back. I’m pretty sure I won’t get a third chance to pick a movie since last time we went with Ben I picked The Greatest Showman (which was a musical) and evidently the longest movie ever made,


After the show we roamed Century City Mall. We found this odd and interesting shoe store called United Nude. It had amazingly unique shoes! It was a little hard to get pics because of the glass cases but these pairs of art are so futuristic and interesting! No price tags to be seen and no model to demonstrate how you might walk in them either. 

We all met up with Amanda in the evening to see a play called Les Miz.  The human characters of Les Miserables were trying not to lose their roles to the puppets. There were some funny and talented humans but in the end the puppets stole the show! It was right up my alley – crazy, offbeat and fun!


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