Off to Alamo Lake Arizona

Friday, March 22nd – April 3rd, 2019

Blog Post from JP:

This was our second year at Alamo lake. The fishing was difficult as the water temps were about 3 weeks behind last year’s. Fish were scattered throughout the lake and remained elusive the whole time we were there. Being able to get across the lake or all the way to the East end, where rumor had it, the fishing was better, required a bass boat, or at least a motor boat. The people I spoke with weren’t really catching any more fish than us, they just didn’t have to row their asses off to get ’em.
Being on the lake before sun up is amazing. Sitting at water level, rowing quietly toward the target fishing area. The burros were all at the shore watering up for the day. Eagles and vultures were circling above the lake looking for breakfast. The sky was shades of pink and blue. This year there was a fire across the lake that was started by a careless camper and it burned for days. Watching it devour the desert from my pontoon boat was fascinating. I fished 4-6 hours each day, sometimes I got out early and in the late evening. I caught Bass each day (almost) it took me two days to really find where they were and what they wanted to eat. Then coaxing them to take the bait is always the tricky part. I fooled several smallish fish and was quite pleased until I hooked a really large bass. This fish exploded from the bush and made me suck air really loud. Then, without any concern for my feelings or pride the fish spit the hook. I would no longer be happy with the smallish fish and was more determined than ever to catch large bass. Several days went by with fish not photo worthy. Two days before we had to leave, I hit the water a bit earlier and went straight to the lair of the big boy. The first two casts were short and the third landed in the brush just above where I was wanting to fish. I gently jiggled my bait loose from the bush and it dropped gently into the water. I reeled up the slack and suddenly felt a shocking strike. I set the hook and new immediately this was a big bass. He jumped several times close to the pontoon boat and splashed water in my face, I was in awe of his girth and large head. After a few minutes he came to hand and was photo’d and released. That moment he hit my bait and the moment I had a grip on him is the reason I will return to Lake Alamo Arizona next year.     JP
And  . . . Our trip to Lake Alamo got extended by 5 days because  2 stops at other lakes had to be cancelled due to foul weather. So we’re here for 12 nights. There’s no Wi-Fi and cell coverage only if JP drives me out a ways and up a hill. So it’s peace and quiet and hopefully bass and crappie. We won’t be doing much exploring or side trips while we’re here but hopefully I’ll have a daily fish count!


Friday March 22nd, 2019
Travel Day

Saturday March 23rd, 2019
JP fished AM and PM but no catch.
He used his downtime to meet other fishers and collect info on the lake. The consensus is – “It’s gonna pick up next week.”

Sunday March 24th, 2019
There was a tournament at the lake so there were lots of boats. JP had some hits and caught a 2 pound bass.

Alamo JP (5)

Monday March 25th, 2019
3 Bass on – none landed

Tuesday March 26th, 2019
No fish caught but there have been some beautiful skies in the evening. JP is loving being here and I’ve been keeping busy reading and writing. It’s a little tough being without Wi-Fi and little cell but we’ve been able to work around it with evening drives to where we can be connected and see a sunset!

Alamo Lake

Wednesday March 27th, 2019
4 pound Bass and 5 lesser Bass

Thursday March 28th, 2019
We took a day away from Alamo and drove into Wickenburg. We’ve visited here before so the day was centered around getting supplies and having a good meal. We had lunch at the Ranchero Restaurant and it was perfect. I’d read about their Legendary (won 18 awards) Margarita and I knew I made the right choice when the waitress said “That a girl”! It’s so much more fun grocery shopping after a bird bath sized margarita! It was a bit of a day trip but a nice change of pace.

Friday March 29th, 2019
JP pulled a muscle so we kicked it at camp so he could recoup. We took a drive to look for the crazy wild burros we hear making strange noises in the camp at night. They certainly look more docile than they sound after dark!

Saturday March 30th, 2019
JP went AM fishing and then we both went out for the late afternoon fish. He caught one and I had a hit but no catch. We pulled the pontoons out on a bank and hiked up a hill to see what all the burro screaming was about. There were a dozen Burris divided into 3 groups. Evidently it’s getting to be mating season so there was some snortin’ and kickin’ and hustlin’ going on. It sounded awful! I screamed my best imitation of their braying/screaming back at them but the only response was their stares. I guess I don’t speak burro.

Alamo K

Sunday March 31st, 2019
Woah! The weekend has been jam packed! JP didn’t even want to give it a go. We counted over 60 trucks with boat trailers in one parking lot. A good day to take care of camp chores but not for pontooning.

Monday April 1st, 2019
The AM after a busy weekend leaves lots of wood left behind in the campgrounds so JP gathered enough for campfires until we pull out.

Alamo Firepit
It was a good fish day. JP caught a nice one! A 4 pound bass and an even bigger one that got away.

Alamo JP (4)

Tuesday April 2nd, 2019
Last day to fish and a forecast of wind so JP was on the water by 6:00. The water was dirty and no fish to be found so we got ready to roll in the AM.

Alamo JP (6)

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