The Views of Mount Lemon

Thursday March 21st, 2019
We met Dawn and Ron at Bobo’s Restaurant for breakfast. TripAdvisor sure got this place right! The place wasn’t fancy, the tables were full and packed a little too close together but the fried potatoes were just as good as my Grandma’s used to be. Ron’s pancake was the full size of a dinner plate topped with an apple combo that made it look more like giant dessert (and that was the Senior size)! It was great the cousins got to get together while we were in Tucson.

We drove up to and through the Mt Lemon Scenic Byway. It was like the City of Rocks in New Mexico combined with the Saguaro State Park in Tucson on steroids! We could have had a clearer day but it was still beautiful. The haze made it hard to get great photos but we gave it our best shot.

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