Monday at The Movies

Monday March 19th, 2018

We’re still fitting things in Lucky because the there is enough variation in the floor plan that not everything is fitting quite right. we did some searching for just the right sizes storage boxes and shopped for a pickle ball racket for JP. No luck yet!

After another lovely Happy Hour with Patsy and Peter we had a date night. We couldn’t help ourselves – we just had to have another D Box Experience at the movies. We saw Tomb Raiders at the Mary Pickford Theater. Now there are 2 good reasons to go to the movies – D Box and 3D. The Mary Pickford Theater grounds are really lovely at night. The building has colorful lighting that fades from one color scheme to another. There is a great fountain on the grounds too.

It is actually called the “DPlace Entertainment – Mary Pickford”.  Mary is a bit out of our time period. She was the most famous female star of silent movies. Her legend lives on . . .





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