A Hiking We Did Go

Tuesday March 20th, 2018

It was a Pickle Ball kind of morning for JP so we got a late start on the day. Patsy and Peter were up for a spontaneous adventure so we headed out around 1:00. The destination – Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve.

Thousand Palms Oasis US 1

Yep! Its an actual oasis. The 17,000 acres preserve is only a 15 minute drive from downtown Palm Springs. Its was about 2 miles round trip, and an easy walk on nice trails. We had blue skies and warm weather so it was a perfect day for a trip into a little pocket of beauty.

Its pretty and lush and a whole different world than the desert around it. Parts of the trail were formed by the San Andreas Fault. The McCallum Pond there is fed by and underground spring. 

The pond has Pup fish. Lots of them schooling around. JP was happy to see some finned creatures even if they were small and protected. 

After our not so grueling  short hike, we were parched so our next stop was South of the Border Mexican Restaurant for lunch (and of course a thirst quenching margarita). Yes it does seem that margaritas and mimosas have become an essential part of my day since we have been in Palm Springs. When in Rome (or Palm Springs). . . .

margarita 2

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