Blythe California – Cotton Country

Dec 31st 2017 – Jan 6th 2018

We pulled into Blythe and had a quiet New Years. The park is nothing to write home about but is just what we needed to take care of some business and chores. Its a small town without any large stores but lots of fast food places. There is an Albertson’s, Rite Aid and Dollar General. There area a bunch of empty store fronts and from what I read the close of Kmart was the  final blow for the town.

Our park was clean and on the Colorado River (which is terribly low right now). We did some driving to scope out the area. There seems to be a lot of farm land, especially cotton.

Blythe 4

We spent almost three and half hours at the local ER to get something for JP’s Bronchitis. It was an experience and a reminder of just how lucky we are. He started feeling much better before we  pulled out of Blythe, which was a relief for both of us!Blythe Colorado River

I’ts not very likely we will be come through here again. Though much later in the year there is good bass fishing here on the Colorado. Fishing alludes us on the road during the times of year we are traveling, but JP is always hopeful!

JP fish

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