Palm Springs – Ahhhhh!

Dec 28th – Dec 30th, 2017

We picked up Lucky in Lancaster and headed to Palm Springs to visit with JP’s cousin Patsy and and her husband Peter. Once we were there – we wished we had longer to stay!

The RV park was right next to the community where they lived so we were a short walk away from Patsy’s great home cooking and their lovely home. Our first night was a little cocktail hour, catching up and making an AM plan.

Next day we headed to The Living Desert. Its the Year of the Giraffe! 


I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I’d been anywhere with this type of wildlife. Decades! Yet the giraffes looked exactly the same. Adorable!

They have an onsite Hospital/Medial Center where the animals have their check ups as well as an operating room (with a hoist of course).

We spent the day walking the park in perfect weather. They had a great variety of animals, all in fenced but open spaces – so not like a zoo at all.

After our Living Desert trip we cooled off with Margaritas and Nachos. Later that evening it was off to the movies (The Shape of Water – thumbs up for all of us)! 

Saturday JP caught a cold bug and was down for the count. So I hung out with Patsy and Peter at the pool. We did the “bobblehead” on pool noodles for almost 2 hours and then warmed up in the hot tub which was lovely. It begs 2 questions though . . .

1. How will I ever live without a pool and hot tub and the weather to go with it?       2. Why have I not had a “cran-tini before now?

It was a short but sweet visit and Patsy and Peter are going to do a bit of the gypsy life themselves so we are bound to cross paths again. I really likes Palm Springs and try to weave another visit in before we head back up North!

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