Clovis Calif – Yosemite!

Dec 15th – Dec 17th 2017

Next stop was Clovis Calif (near Fresno) where we spent a wonderful long weekend with our friends Mike and Ann! They had big plans for us and it was nothing but fun! Friday night we had a huge Japanese/ Sushi dinner and hit the hay early so we could get ready for a field trip on Saturday.

Saturday after a mighty fine Parisien breakfast (who knew I loved crepes?) we headed to Yosemite. None of us had been there in decades! It was cool and crisp but sunny and there weren’t too many other visitors this time of year. It was absolutely beautiful! We drove through the areas of the park that were still open this time of the year, walked around and took photos until  dusk.

The day didn’t end there! We stayed at the Sierra Sky Ranch Hotel in Oakhurst outside of Yosemite. It had a cowboy feel and was warm and comfy. We finished the night off with dinner at the Sweet Water Steak House. It was a perfect day in every way!

Sunday we grabbed a coffee and a bite at the continental breakfast and took a drive out to Bass Lake but alas – no water. We read that this was a result of a 3 years drought. We saw some beautiful homes though!

On the way back to Clovis we stopped at Chuckchanski Casino (you know how I love that)! Lots of slots we’d never seen before. We stayed for an hour and headed back to Clovis for a quick lunch and to rest up for a  Tappanyaki (think Benihanas) which was HUGE and delicious! 

chuckchansi casino

Monday we shored up a few things, had a Waffle House breakfast and said so long to Mike and Ann and their family of loveable Boxers. It was an outstanding weekend!

We’re headed south to Lancaster to stow Lucky while we are staying with the kids in LA and Pasadena. We are all  spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together at Harry (JP’s brother) and Suzanne’s home in San Diego. will be on pause while we have our family time. We will be back on the road just after Christmas heading to Palm Springs.  Until then . . .

Merry Christmas and hopes for a Kickin’ New Year!

Side note: It was an incredibly awesome visit with Ann and Mike. Though I dare say we did some major eating. I’m planning on wrapping any guilt about that into the “Holiday 10” that I’ll be loosing after the New Years! We hit the road south fat and happy!frog

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