Bodega Bay Calif.

Dec 5th – 7th 2017

We accidently took a beautiful drive down Hwy 128 to get to Bodega Bay. We were to follow Hwy 1 down the coast but got a bit side tracked. No harm done. It was a gorgeous day though in the woods it got down to the 30’s. Bodega Bay from 128Bodega Bay is pretty much all about the bay. Its crabbing season so there were lots of folks crabbing for Dungeness and red rock crabs. We heard it had been good but we didn’t see any big hauls. The charter boat did really well though with crab, rock fish and a few ling. The captain said the water was like glass.

There isn’t a lot to the town section of Bodega Bay, though there are a lot of beautiful homes! Bodega Bay is also where the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock movie THE BIRDS was filmed. The Potter School where the birds got after the kids is still there but its now a private residence. 

Bodega Bay Potter School

You can fish without a license if its from a pier or manmade structure so JP wanted to give it a go. He was happy just getting some line in the water but no fish were to be found. I see a sign that says “too scary to fish” and he sees a beckoning jetty!

We spent most of our time driving and walking around the area. It was a bummer that almost every beach access had either an entry or parking fee ($7.00 – $10.00). We took a ride to Tomales and Dillon Beach. We came across some gigantic rocks and a herd of Scottish Highland Cattle. I had to look those up (new to me).  They’re furry and have bangs!

It was a relaxing stop. It was all sunshine, clear skies, a little wind and a nip in the air. With only a 3 night stay we only have 2 full days to look around but we are giving it our best shot!

Sunset in Bodega Bay


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