The Town Of St Regis

August 4th 2017

Today we scoped out the town area of St. Regis which is mostly St. Regis Travel Center  and that has it all!

There is Dolly V’s Ice Cream, Huck’s Grill, Cutthroat Henrys Casino and Liquor Store, fuel stop  and Jaspers (where we had damn good huckleberry pie).


Add to that a really nice gift shop (that seems to have a strong fish theme goin’ on) and a live trout aquarium and what else could you ask for?

St Regis Gift

Huckleberry everything here in Montana! Pies, Shakes, taffy, candy, tea, and jam!

St Regis Antiques

We had already visited the grocery store/liquor store/fishing license/tackle/ deli and gas station called Stang’s so we popped into the The Place of  Antiques (yep that’s the name) and then called it a day.


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