All About Town

July 24th, 2017

Today was all about getting some chores done. My pontoon replacement parts are on their way so I should be back in the water again soon. We took care of biz back in town and did some shopping. We split up for awhile and JP took care of getting the truck spruced up while I did laundry. We spent most of the 96 degree day shopping or in the truck so we didn’t wither with the weather.

Hells Gate Sprinkler

We wondered how the park stays so lush while everything around us is dry and golden. There are sprinklers throughout the park but this giant certainly explains a few things!

One thought on “All About Town

  1. Your trip sounds really fun….I love the way you totally check out each place you stay……dont think Iknow anyone who has retired and got as much looken and seeing and doing as you two have done….love the posts….your hair looks platinum…the sun I guess….keep enjoying your adventures!

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