Hot! Hot! Hot!

July 22nd, 2017

Luckily today was a scouting day so we were in the truck most of the day. It had to be 93 this afternoon and at 9:00 tonight it was 80. The hillsides outside of our campground (which is lushly green with big trees) are the result of the hot weather. There a pockets of green though and the heat hasn’t got us down.

hills near lewiston

We drove over to Clarkston and followed the Snake River on the Washington side for about 15 miles checking out the river. There were a lot of folks swimming and boating but we didn’t see too much fishing. There were some places with deep pools and we may decide to give fishing a go but first we will need to decide if we want to buy licenses for Idaho or Washington.

If you’re going to live in the heat of Hells Gate then do it in style. This is a home (look really hard to the right of the giant rock) that is snuggled into the hillside doing a classy interpretation of the HUGE boulder next door!

Hells Gate House




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