And so it goes . . .

We are settled in here in Oregon for the next 10 weeks so  I’ll  break from my blog posts and start up again in mid July when we head toward Montana. I’ll keep my Itinerary page up though so you’ll know where to find us. If you follow my blog it will let you know when I’m posting again. has been our travel journal and if you’ve followed us – we were glad to have you along.


We are still having fun fitting life into our 21 foot trailer. We are still finding ways to make life simpler. I’m not sure how long our adventure will be but I do know this was the right time in our life for us to have it.

I love words and all kinds of quotes and sayings . My favorite one for this chapter is from a sign I saw in an old aquaintance’s summer home in Surprise AZ.

It read: “We wish you enough . . .”    Perfect!

One thought on “And so it goes . . .

  1. We really have enjoyed following your blog. Looking forward to seeing you two in Bandon soon Mike is looking forward to some fishing as well. We probably won’t be in Bandon until the end of May. Hope to see you soon

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