March 31, 2017

Now That’s a Shopping Day!

We headed out toward Phoenix in the early afternoon. We made a stop at the Kick Ass Hot Sauce Store and did a little browsing and taste testing. They gave a quirky sense of sense of humor!  There were some donkeys in the corral out front so we will add them to the wildlife list even though they weren’t wild. Then a quick stop at Grunge Galz, a very cool store that had unusual items (think piano keys neatly bundled with a textured blue ribbon and a buffalo head hanging on the wall) as well as some great clothing. 

Grunge Galz

Then we were off to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet. That baby is a huge shopping oasis! 1600 shop spaces with more than 1¼ miles of shopping! I’m thinkin’ if you can’t find it there – you won’t find it anywhere. We did the whole loop and worked up an appetite. A really good lunch at the Talking Stick Casino and we were done for the day.


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