March 30, 2017

We Covered Some Country Today!


First stop of the day was the cutest little store called Charming Charlie’s. The fellas took a walk so Jeanie and I could browse for awhile. Really fun, colorful apparel and accessories cleverly displayed by color. I hear there is one in Bridgeport Mall in Oregon and I’m thinking Amanda and I will need to scope out the one in LA.

Then on to Carefree to visit The Boulders, a Golf Course and Resort artfully worked into the boulders of the Sonoran Desert. It has all the amenities you could possibly think of and the resort rooms are individual casistas. I never thought of boulders as beautiful until I saw them in this setting. The grounds were built around the rock which I’m sure was no easy feat!

On our way out of The Boulders we were able to spy some custom homes cleverly designed into the rock. You have to look closely at the two pictures to see the houses in them. We took a short drive to look at some of the homes that were easier to access. Each one was unique but my favorite was the home with copper doors, trim and garage doors. To tie things together their rock wall was laced with copper faced stones. So very rich looking and a really original idea for a contemporary home.

We stopped to eat at the Horny Toad where the chicken is “plucked and fresh – not frozen” in Cave Creek for a yummy meal on the patio followed by strawberry shortcake that was so large it would have been embarrassing if it hadn’t been for the 4 of us to share.

Next Randy took us to Lake Pleasant, It was pretty but I cant get used to seeing lakes without trees around them. We drove around and scoped things out before heading back to Happy Trails for an evening hot tub.


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