March 12,2017

Miami AZ

Another warm sunny day so we spent the morning at the pool then headed to Miami which isn’t far from Globe where we have been sightseeing. Miami is a little town with a past much like Globe. Its famous for the it’s copper mine but has an old downtown much like Globe. It also has a kickin’ Mexican place called Guayo’s El Rey. So far the very best place we have eaten. It seems everything is homemade (including the chips) and best Salsa ever! Great food, great service, great prices AND perfect margaritas. We will be looking for an excuse to stop in again.

There is a saloon, antique stores, odd stores and an old fashioned soda shop all housed in the old buildings that one made up Miami. We’ve been in a bunch of antique stores but these were unique. Lots of old pedal cars, gas pumps, merry-go-round pieces, old games and some oddities. We took our time and called it a day when the shops closed.

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