March 11,2016

Downtown Globe

We woke up to nothing but sunshine! We went to the pool at the hotel and there were only a handful of people there. We really haven’t been poolside in forever. The weather and water were perfect. I’m thinking we will fit that in after breakfast every day we have left here.

We headed back to Globe today to look at more of old town. Most of the downtown is made up of old, often original buildings. Of course they house gift shops and galleries or eateries but you can still see the 1900’s in their construction, walkways, ceilings, windowsills, doorways and floors. Copper ceilings, railings and trim show up in many of the buildings – and why not? Copper mining is the heart of this area. The most ornate was the old Bank with its entire building front and side made of what looks like marble. It didn’t match the motif of the times but was ornate and unique.

There is an annual tour of the Post Office (built 1927). It is so cool to see what remains of another time. The tour was led by a postal employee that donates his time once a year to show the public around the basement and upstairs of the old post office that is no longer used. All of the overhead lights are all still intact and very cool. The courtroom had the judges desk and chair. The jury area still stands though the chairs are absent. There are skylights in the ceiling and leather covered doors. All of this stands still in time, in good repair, just silently waiting for the annual tour or the occasional school field trip. If those walls could talk! There is one room where the fella giving the tour has a collection of postal items from the past – a little museum of sorts. All very interesting.

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