March 7, 2017

Off To See The Ruins

We headed just up the road from our campsite to see the Tuzigoot Ruins. These ruins are partially restored but still give you a sense of what was built there by the Sinague Tribe. Who knew ruins could be so interesting!  

Montezuma’s Castle Cliff Dwelling and Cliff Castle Casino

Our day was part old world and part new world. We drove about 30 minutes to Montezuma Castle National Monument to see a well preserved cliff dwelling built between 1100 -1425 AD by the  Sinague people. It’s hard to believe it is still standing! You can only see it from below but that’s impressive enough.

Montezuma 1

Note: Until today we hadn’t really seen any bugs – which we thought strange. I was sure they were here somewhere and today we found one! He (or she) is really colorful and elegant looking, I mean come on, a feather boa around the neck? 


Evidently the call of the casino lured us (mostly me) in! The casino has been VOTED #1 in AZ for the past 17 years. With our $5.00 in free play a small investment of our own – we were able to pocket some extra money for the next casino that calls!

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