March 6,2016

The GRAND Canyon

We left about 8:00 and headed back through Sedona and on to the Grand Canyon. We rode the shuttle buses which were awesome because each shuttle bus had a route with several stops. You can hop off and spend as much time at a destination as you want and then hop back on at 15 minute intervals.

GC 11

It was SO cold! I was wishing I had brought gloves! Then at our first stop in the park I found a pair of purple gloves – but no one there to claim them.  No sense leaving them lying on a rock. If I met up with the owner I would have gladly returned them and explained I was keeping them warm for her, but alas no owner showed (happy me)!

The Grand Canyon was breathtaking! It certainly leaves an impression. No photos, no matter how amazing could give you the essence of being there. It seems endless and deep and ancient.  I’m not afraid of heights, but I was afraid of JP and his NOT being afraid of heights as you can see in the picture. 


We spent the whole day riding the shuttles, seeing the canyon, walking rhrough the visitor centers and shops and galleries. It ended up being an 11 hour day from start to finish. We were beat but it was definitely a day to remember! 


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