March 3,2017

We Do Cottonwood

Today was our local day. We went to the RV supply store which is now my fav kinda store, then headed to Old Town Cottonwood. Antiques 0’plenty and some pretty quirky ones at that. Lots of interesting little pubs and places to eat. We decided on Mexican and ate at Adriana’s. It was packed – at least 50 diners all being served by Adriana herself with some help from her 14 year old son. Crazy! The food was good, the margaritas killer (ya know how I love those ‘ritas)!

After we got back we grabbed our LED searchlight, our portable heater, lawn chairs and our poles and headed to the lagoon for some night fishing. Not even a bite but it was a fun couple of hours on a clear night with a slice of moon and lots of stars over us. Who could ask for anything more?

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