March 2, 2017

Out and About

We headed to Clarkdale today to see the Arizona Copper Art Museum.Wow! Who knew? The copper collection is housed in what was at one time the high school. The collection is housed by category and its amazing!  The military art was so impressive! Shell casings that had been transformed by servicemen into beautiful art pieces. Not just a few either! Rows and rows of them sorted by motif (religious, luck, memorial, places). In the picture where JP is standing in a doorway, that is a copper door front. The collection covered everything you could think of! I was truly impressed and a little bit overwhelmed.

Next stop was Jerome at 5000 ft elevation it’s nestled in the mountain side. It has amazing views. The town has all kinds of shops and restaurants and pubs and enough tourists to fill them all. We went through the museum and that made the whole old town much more interesting. The shops are in original buildings (bank, hotel, bar). There is some of the old mining equipment in town and some quirky things as well. The picture of the courtyard with the ghost in an outhouse surrounded by all kinds of change on the pavement  for instance. No explanation given – just a little something to leave you curious!

Tonight we had a campfire under the stars. It was cold and clear and a perfect night to be kept warm by the fireside.


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