Feb 25, 2017

Payson Arizona – Chance Encounter of the Best Kind!

It was just too cold to set out in the pontoons today so we decided to take a look at Payson AZ. We drove the hour or so and stopped at  a couple of little towns, Tonto Basin and Pumpkin Junction. Then headed to Payson for a truck wash and shower. We texted a friend who is from Payson to ask where the best place to eat was and it just so happened he was in Payson too! So we met up with Ben at the local casino to have a drink and meet his sister Dana. Ben’s family had a table at the NRA Banquet at the casino that night and invited us to join them. The only thing that would have made the evening better would have been for Wanda (Ben’s wife) to have been with us. She was  she was sorely missed but it was great catching  up with Ben. The night ended with JP winning a Marlin semi automatic 22!  Amazing how a little text and a bit of luck worked out for us.

Favorite sign so far:  Mad As Hell Ranch! There has to be a great story to go with that!

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