Feb 24, 2017

apache-lakeWe Are Settled In

Yep, next AM found our RV Park and luckily the host didn’t charge us for the night we missed. We are directly across from the marina and visitor center at Roosevelt Lake so that was our first stop. Its much cooler than we expected but clear and sunny.

We traveled Hwy 88 to see Apache Lake which was really beautiful. The road however was pretty scary! Its gravel and steep and curvy and has barely 2 lanes. I tried not to act anxious but I’m sure my white knuckles on the door handle gave me away. I probably wouldn’t want to take that road again but I’m glad we made the trip to see Roosevelt Dam and the lake. It really was picture perfect!

Just across the road from where Lucky is parked there is a small cemetery. Most of the graves are a bed of rocks with a white wooden cross but there are a few with headstones. Most were workers on the dam. They came from all kinds of places and many with a special trade. A peaceful place with an endless view.


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