Lavender Farms & Animal Fun

Thursday June 13, 2019 

Sequim WA has the perfect amount of rain for lavender (annual rainfall 16″) and there are farms aplenty. We stopped at B&B’s Lavender farm and the Mrs. took us on a small personal tour. It was really beautiful and interesting. The whole family is involved, and beyond the growing and harvesting the family makes lavender essential oils, lavender cleaner, and an array of other lavender products. The Lavender Festival is in July and brings thousands of visitors to Sequim.

We saw lots of signs for the Olympic Game Farm with a picture of a bear who looks to be waving. I kept telling JP I wanted a bear to wave at me  (knowing full well bears don’t wave). So just for fun we stopped into the Olympic Animal Farm.


It’s a drive through animal park and you buy a loaf of the only approved animal bread for 3.00 and slowly drive around the park with your windows down to meet (and feed bread to) the inhabitants. The animals have the advantage and head straight to the open car windows and plunge their heads inside if they’re tall enough. Shorter fellas put their nose on the windowsill and stare at you until you surrender the bread. There’s nothing like feeding bread to a Bison (a wee bit unsettling too)!

As for the bears – we’ll they don’t roam like the zebras, llamas, deer, elk. bison and other creatures. They’re each in their own fenced open space. They’re senior bears and seem to be just watching the parade of humans driving by.

I waved at the big old bear and to my amazement. . . the old fella sat up and actually DID wave back at me! Who knew? But then, these weren’t ordinary bears. They’re actors and retired performers. Some were once part of Disney Studios. They are  spending their retirement years in Sequim in the heart of Lavender Land.


Later (after JP washed all the animal spit and snot off the truck) we tried our luck at 7 Cedars Casino. We had brisket nachos and tacos (so good) and cocktails. It was tequila Thursday so Premium Rita’s for me. JP stayed on his winning streak. It was a great day and a fun night out.

7 cedars



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