More Forks!

Sunday June June 9th, 2019

My knee was still in the recovery mode so we did some driving to see the area around us. We drove into La Push and the Quileute Indian Reservation and had brunch at the Rivers Edge. We had a window seat to a really awesome view of about a dozen bald eagles on the shore. They’d fly overhead so if we looked up out the window we could see their feet dangling below them. There was a seal in the water and after a fishing boat dumped a bunch of fish carcasses in the drink – there was a lot of action going on. We’d never seen so many eagles at one time! We even saw some smaller birds nipping at the eagles tail feathers in flight. Bold move little birdies – bold move!

The signs all though the Reservation are in English with the Quileute translation below. We hadn’t seen that before and when I looked up the tribal info it I found that Tribal School strives “to protect, preserve, and enhance the Quileute Language and culture for future generations”.


We made a trip to John’s Beachcombing Museum. John Anderson’s been collecting for 43 years and has accumulated A LOT of stuff. I was so impressed because even though it was all found items and more than you can possible imagine – its all sorted, labeled and displayed. Its really hard to describe but the pix will give you an idea. 

John’s Beachcombing Museum gets a lot of media coverage too. It really is an amazing collection put together in a way that only a truly organized man could accomplish. Everything from ship spillage doll heads, buoys, bottles, lighters, shoes, floats, hats, helmets, tsunami pieces and the list goes on. 

Jerry’s pick of the piles was the Center Spinner Cone from Boeing 727 Jet Engine and the whale jaw bone in the bone cemetery next to the museum.

My favorite was this pair of slippers, found one year apart on the beach. Now that’s lucky! If you’re up this way its worth the 4.00 each to drop in and see his amazing collection. He told us that he has about 400 visitors a month!


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