Hoquiam WA

June 3rd – June 5th, 2019

Monday June 3rd – Today was a drive day and we headed up to the Olympia Peninsula. We pulled into Hoquaim River RV Park and made ourselves at home.Washington Olympia PeninsulaTuesday June 4th – We headed north for a little look-see. We saw lots of beach, drove through Ocean Shores and found a 2.99 breakfast at the friendliest casino we’ve ever visited! We stayed at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino for hour or so. Even though it isn’t a big casino, they had tons of new machines. Today’s winner was JP! 

Quinault Casino

From there we drove a bit farther North and found Seabrook, a community/town that is still evolving. It started in 2018 and the cool contemporary downtown had some stores that are in and up and running but lots of shops still in progress. No shops were open while we were there – mid-day on a Tuesday? Lovely new homes surround Seabrook, and some look to be occupied (or maybe they’re airbnb’s). We only saw a few people while we were there. It felt a little eerie – like an old Twilight Zone episode I vaguely remember, but it really was lovely.

Wednesday June 5th-  JP needed to finish up with some computer updates and we’ve had nothing but awful Wi-Fi so we spent some time at the Timberland Library. Their Library has a section of wall art in all different sizes that you can check out for 3 weeks at a time. I’m not exactly sure what situation calls for renting wall art but it was a novel idea!Library

Atlas Obscuru listed a stop to check out so we found  Sucher and Son’s Star Wars Store.  It was absolutely packed with Star Wars stuff! The owner has his own special way of displaying the thousands of pieces of memorabilia in a really small space. It made me a little antsy, I wanted to get in there and organize everything by movie, year, category and and character – but alas no . It was an interesting and quirky though.

The sign in Sucher’s says there have been 45,000 visitors last count and JP added us to the map. That little red pin on the left pin is Bandon, Oregon.

On our way to Sucher and Sons we came across this cool downtown mural.


The Westport Winery was lovely and we sampled several wines. Its a bit of a stretch for me since I’m not a wine drinker but we did find a little something in blueberry to take home. 

We finished the day with dinner at the 8th Street Ale House so JP could get clams and I could have a steak salad. Now that we’re moving north I’ve changed my search from margaritas to flavored vodka. So tonight I tried two flavors cranberry and grapefruit. Two down – dozens to go. I love a quest! 

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