Ten Mile Lake Tournament Fun

Thursday May 23rd – Sunday May 26th, 2019

Wanda and Ben invited us back for the 2nd Annual Bass Weekend. The weather just refused to cooperate but everyone carried on and made due under canopies or in one trailer or another until there were breaks in the weather. The kids swam and kayaked and didn’t pay much attention to the rain. We had lots of good food, long happy hours and time around the campfire.

Ben brought the BIG GRILL and made a huge batch of fried rice. It was awesome and YES we finished it off! 

Ben took Wanda and me out and I got a bass of my own.

Sunday was the Annual Bass Tournament. The guys were up and at ’em early and had a great time!

Corey and Gabe were the winners and not only got bragging rights but a new rod, cash and the winners trophy.

Sunday PM some of us headed to the Mill Casino and yep, we had some winners! It was a great weekend, friends, family, kids, good food, laughter and of course . . . BASS! We made our reservations for the same time next year for the 3rd Annual Jones and Family Tournament!

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