Mono Lake and The Famous Bakery

Saturday April 27th, 2019

We got a late start but the weather was great so we headed about an hour north of Bishop. Mono Lake is really beautiful in a strange and alien sort of way. It formed over 760,000 years ago. Since there is no outlet the accumulation of salt makes the lake water alkaline. The formations are eerie! They’re called Tufa and have a look all their own. The background of snowy mountain tops against the oddly green water rimmed in white makes a surreal picture!

Mono Lake JP

 We got back to Bishop in time to make a stop at the Erikk Schat’s Bakery. Its the boom of Bishop and we didn’t once see it that it wasn’t hoppin’! We popped into grab some goodies for the road – but it was hard deciding on something when you are both crowded in between fellow shoppers AND surrounded with all kinds a wonderful! Get this!  This Dutch bakery makes about 25,000 loaves of bread per day, that outnumbers the population of Bishop by 6 times! Crazy!

According to it’s website:  “It is known for a special bread, the Original Sheepherder’s Bread,  that they have reportedly produced continuously since 1907, although no trademarks exist until 1938. This roadside bakery boasts turn of the century recipes and all their bread is baked in stone hearth ovens, using no preservatives. They make everything from scratch, including their baker’s yeast – after all, there’s not much else to do on the edge of a desert in the middle of nowhere.”

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