A Fishing They Did Go!

Wednesday April 23rd, 2019

Ben headed out to work and I started getting us ready to hit the road. Amanda put together a father daughter fishing trip so they were up early and headed out with thier lunch in hand. It was a perfect day for it!

Heres JP’s report: Amanda booked us a fishing trip out of Marina Del Mar in Los Angeles. We arrived at 7:30 AM and boarded promptly There were 33 fisher people onboard that day. The weather was perfect, the ocean was smooth. We cruised out about 5 miles and started fishing in about 190 feet of water.
We caught a mixed bag of ground fish, with the majority being white fish. I loved fishing with Amanda, she was all over catching fish. We caught more fish than anyone else on board. We entered the big fish derby but it wasn’t in the cards that day for team Pomeroy. We had our catch filleted and Amanda took the fish Home as part of her Keto food, I think she may have given some fish to her co-workers. I will always cherish my time fishing with Amanda. This is our second trip together. Were going to make it a tradition.

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