South to the Border

Tuesday April 9 th. 2019

We woke up to a lovely breakfast and coffee’d up for our day. We split into 2 cars and drove to the border parking. We walked into Mexico and started our adventure. We traveled by bus, by van, by city bus and in something like a golf cart (with 6 of us plus the driver it probably looked like a clown car !) According to my pedometer we walked 6 miles too – so we covered some territory!

Our main destination was  La Bufadora in Ensenada. Its a natural phenomenon where the waves come up through the rocks with just the right force to make for an awesome and unpredictable wave of spray. 

The street is lined with merchandise and food vendors. You can sample pina coladas at about every other booth and there was fresh seafood in half shells and every kind of bakery good you can think of.

We finished the day in Tijuana. We made a stop at a corner vendor that sold Camechana (a seafood cocktail) so Mike and Ann could give it a try, Harry and Suzanne are fans but I decided to hold out for dinner. We walked the town a bit, and visited the fish market. 

We did some shopping on the way to dinner. Ann was able to find a treasure to take home and I got a souvenir for a friend. The downtown near our dinner destination was made up of stores (rather than booths) and had more interesting shopping.

We ate at Caesar’s in Tijuana. The story is  Caesar Salad was originally created here back in the day and it’s still their trademark menu item. The menu prices were in Pesos so it looked a little scary at first (180.00 for an appetizer!) but alas once converted to USD it was all good! We had a great dinner and of course Margarita’s! 

Ceasars CP and JP

 Apparently I’m on a quest to have a Margarita everywhere I go (in search of the PERFECT Margarita).  I’ll let you know when I’ve found it!

Ceasars Me

Harry and Suzanne were great tour guides! Suzanne speaks Spanish and that lends a lot to knowing more of what’s going on around us. They had everything planned out and covered all the details (including water and sunscreen). A fun day in the sun in Mexico!

Mexico Suzanne and Harry

Side note: We saw this window display coming into Mexico. I, loving all things odd and unusual, thought it was awesome! I’m not sure I know any dogs that require this kind of fashion but it tickled my fancy!

dogs 1

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