Tucson Here We Come

Saturday March 16th, 2019
Finally we made it to good weather! The Desert Trails RV Park just outside of Tucson wasn’t fancy but had everything we needed, plus music in the evenings, a library with DVD’s, pool, food trucks that come in and LOTS of RV campers. We settled in and planned our stay, excited to see sunny skies!
And then . . .
While we were in Las Cruces there was a Springdale really similar to Lucky parked next to us. We met the gals who were traveling in what looked like Lucky’s brother. When we pulled into Desert Trails RV in Tucson (9 days later) there they were! This time we got to share some travel talk.  We’re now Facebook friends, and its been cool because they are living the gypsy life right not too. It was a fun bonus to our Tucson stay and I’m hoping we’ll stay in touch! Our new pals Jamie and Jodi from Michigan.

jamie and

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