Finally On to Roswell!

Thursday March 14th, 2019 – We woke up to clear sunny skies and headed north to Roswell. Its about an hour and half drive with a lot of cattle yards and pecan groves along the way.


We got to our unique destination – The International UFO Museum And Research Center downtown in Roswell. It’s a very busy place! We spent a couple of hours there reading testimonials and looking at photos displays.



It’s really interesting that reputable town folk, military personnel, law enforcement and others who made statements and had notarized documented accounts about the events of the 1947 UFO Crash and it’s Alien occupants, were somehow mistaken. In truth, according to the government it was actually only a weather balloon. I guess the X Files slogan  “The truth is out there” still applies.

Roswell UFO 9

The museum had a kitschy but well decorated, well stocked and very busy gift shop. Roswell has made good on its UFO business.


The town is full of Alien gift shops, Aliens as advertisements and some funny slogans on workers tees. Peppers Restaurant servers wore shirts with Ca-alien-te  (caliente = hot) which is perfect for Alien Mexican Food I’m thinkin’!

Alien Dunkin

After grabbing a good lunch at Peppers our next stop was The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. Its not a huge museum but had some great pieces. The museum is privately owned by artist Donald B. Anderson whose work is in the museum as well as the work of artists that he has brought on board. We only had an hour to browse but it was a good choice for the second part of our day.  You can see more at




MuseumIt was nice getting out and about after the awful weather. Roswell was a clean, pretty town and had a character all its own. Tomorrow we head west in search of better weather!

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