Today is My Day!

Friday March 8th, 2019 – Yep, I had a Birthday so the day was mine. I know, I know, how totally unlike me to want a couple of cocktails, some time at the casino and a fun dinner out! I’ve hit another life goal and have Medicare on board. We kicked off my 65th with drive to the Sunland Casino and Race Track. We didn’t do the horses but we did sit in the Race Track bar for a drink. We stayed and played (they have 700 slot machines) for hours. The casino was kind enough to give us 30.00 each in free play for signing up for their Players Card, sweet! We had a blast but alas no big win for me. Luckily we are a team and JP won back what I lost. So, no harm-no fowl for our gambling day.  Every time I used my Players Card the machine wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Happy Bday

Afterwords we had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. It was our first visit so they gave us a sampler of sides to go with out hot buns and sweet butter. The food was great and was plenty for dinner a second night. The service was hopping and the crew took a break to do a little line dancing between the tables. Add a giant margarita with a Patron Shot for a mere 2.00 and we were totally fans!

We made a stop at Cabella’s so JP could pick up a bass rod and reel he’s been hankering for. I guess that cancels out his win balancing my casino loss but he was happy, so what the hay! 

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