White Sands National Monument & More

Wednesday March 6th, 2019
We drove about an hour to White Sands National Monument. It’s pretty amazing to see miles of white sand in every direction. The sand made a glare like snow on a sunny day. There were hiking trails, dunes to slide down in saucers, and cool looking picnic areas. It’s 275 miles of gypsum sand –  the largest gypsum dune on earth. It’s so big astronauts can spot it from space!

After we drove the White Sands Loop we headed toward Alamogordo to see the New Mexico Museum of Space History.

HAM, the first chimpanzee to travel into space is buried on the grounds.

There were interactive displays, simulators, missiles, and rockets.
It wasn’t huge but it was interesting.

There was an Induction Gallery honoring Gene Roddenberry as the newest inductee into the International Space Hall of Fame. The exhibit had all kinds of Star Trek memorabilia, photos and info. Who doesn’t want to say “Beam me up Scotty”?  Now you see us – then you don’t!  

Our last stop was at Hi D’ Ho Drive in for dinner. It’s ranked #1 of 53 places to eat in Alamogordo. It’s a local fav and you could tell – the drive-in spaces were all full. Imagine a BLT plus a burger served on grilled Texas toast, hot and yummy fries with a fresh squeezed lime-aid. No wonder it’s #1!

Hi D Ho

We headed back to Las Cruces at sunset fat n’ happy!

Almagordo sunsent

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