Town of Mesilla

Sunday March  3rd, 2019 – Today we went to the Old Town of Mesilla. Its was small but had lots of character. It dates back to the 1800’S and by the 1870’s was in its prime.

The town still has a historic feel with its bricked streets and adobe style buildings. According the Visitors Guide, many of the residents are direct descendants of its earlier settlers. There were some cool store fronts, a myriad of shops with a Mexico flavor and some upper end boutiques. One of the stores had amazing hand stitched boots (the price is on the picture to the right). 

We were there just as the Basilica of San Albino service was just letting out. Its a lovely church built in 1855 and rebuilt in 1906.

One of the towns claims to fame is that Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced here.


We stopped into an Art Gallery and met the lovely Kay Susin who was kind enough to have her photo taken with her work. The photo between us is called “Whispers of Spring” and was the 2018 first place selection at the Sun Bowl Art Exhibit at the International Museum of Art in El Paso.

Our last stop was to Andeles for a good (and HOT!) Mexican meal. I probably didn’t need TripAdvisor to tell us this is THE place to eat in town. We could probably have guessed by the crowd! We certainly aren’t in Oregon anymore – I had the green sauce (mild they said) and my mouth was still on fire!

Mesillas Andeles 2




One thought on “Town of Mesilla

  1. Finally had a chance to see your blog, I’ve been busy getting ready for the Labor Day Art Festival. It was wonderful to meet you both at the Gallery and I love the picture you posted of the two of us. Looks like you are having a great time traveling all over the place. Hope we can see each other again. Safe travels.

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