Silver City and City of Rocks State Park

Wednesday Feb 27th – We made a trip downtown to old Historic Silver City. There is a lot of ART there! The stores are even singled out by “ART” on their windows and the sidewalk in front of their stores and galleries. JP chatted with a couple of artists and grabbed a photo with their work.

We popped into the Historic Plaza Hotel. It dates back to 1880 and is still up and running. 

Downtown is colorful and most are old buildings that have been restored. The best part of downtown were the people. They were the nicest strangers we ever met! They seemed happy to live in Silver City and happy to have us visit.

We had a really good lunch at Diane’s Downtown. It certainly earned its TripAdvisor rating. The restaurant was pretty, the service was good, the beer was cold and the food fresh and yummy!

Silver City Dianes 2

We filled the second half of our day with a trip to City of Rocks State Park.  135,000 years ago there was a volcanic event 1,000 times bigger than Mt St. Helen’s that caused these rock formations to form. They’re huge and have interesting shapes and formations. The State Park is a Campground too. It’s weird to see a RV nestled in-between the towering rocks. 

The picture below gives an idea of the size of these rocks – Jerry is at the base.

Rock City 6


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