Happy Thanksgiving!


86387921-thankful-grateful-blessed-simple-lettering-calligraphy-postcard-or-poster-graphic-design-lettering-eNovember 22, 2018

One last post before we break away to focus on the road to recovery and see where our path takes us from here. I’m nestled in at our Bandon gift home watching a storm rage outside. The fireplace is warming JP as he snoozes and I’m thinking about what it is to be truly grateful. 

We are 2 weeks out from surgery with a ways to go for recovery. Our friends and family have reached out, stepped up, offered support and anything else we might need. We’ve heard from our friends and family at the coast, in the Valley, California, Washington, Arizona and BC. We’ve heard from old friends we had been out of touch with for way too long and new friends just made this fall. We hear from you by text, email and phone everyday. Its new to be grateful for things you never thought you’d need and sometimes hard to “let your friends – be your friends”  Yet, there you are – waiting and willing to do just that.

We are so blessed to have family. We’ve been in touch with both sides of our families who have been following us along this unexpected event. We’ve appreciated all the care and concern. It is reassuring to hear “I’m there in a heartbeat if you need me” and to have bases covered for you that you hadn’t even considered while you were figuring out how to navigate surgery.


Ben and Amanda are where we hang our hearts. We were so glad we were able to be together during JP’s surgery week. Even though the kids are in LA we will all be thankful together today (though we won’t be having our traditional TACO Thanksgiving Dinner).We’ve made a habit of moving holidays to whenever we are all together as a family, so if all goes well our family Holidays will be in Palm Springs in late January . 

Thanks for following along with us on our blog. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with much to be thankful for too. 

I’ll  post on FB to let you know once we are back to blogging on luckyontheloose.blog  . Until then . . . 

Wishing you Holiday Season full of things to be truly grateful for! 

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