Not Exactly The Plan . . .

August 1st – August 14th 2018 

We moved from Gills Landing in Lebanon to Waterloo Park outside of Lebanon (and actually no too far from our Sodaville house). We settled in and made some changes to our itinerary since JP is still fighting a bug and not feeling great. We had to cancel some plans with family and our Las Vegas Pomeroy Palooza which was disappointing – but we are hoping to reschedule things once JP is feeling better.  

Waterloo has always been a fav of JP’s for fly-fishing from the bank. Its a lovely park with lots of shade trees. The days have been super hot but the evenings are awesome. JP has had his fly pole out at dusk a few times. 

Our friend Mike and his family camped here for a long weekend too. His little girl Samantha is a charmer. She called me “Miss Cheri” (I called her Princess Sam) and she couldn’t be sweeter! It was nice meet Sam’s mom Sabrina and her Auntie Doris too. I know JP enjoyed having some time with Mike – it had been a long time! Sam posed for a few pics and gave me bubble blowing lessons to boot!

I had a chance to see a couple of friends while we we’ve been here. I missed seeing some of my other gal pals but Ill be back on and off through November so Ill catch them on the flip side. 

The plan was to be back in the Bandon today on Aug 15th but we decided to wait out JP’s recovery in the Valley since we are closer to his doctors here. Last year while we were wheels down in Oregon I suspended until we were back on the road again. So I’m signing off for now – the plan is to hit the road mid November. So! We will catch you then or see you in person in between. 



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