Steen Mountains, Frenchglen OR

July 15th – July 18th, 2018

Monday: We settled in late afternoon at Steen Mountain Resort a few miles from the the tiny town of Frenchglen.

100_1068We took a drive to look at the Doner Blitzen River and the Steen Mountain area. Today was the  Annual Steen Mountain Run so the gravel road had runners and stragglers most of the way. I didn’t envy them (though I admired their gumption) between the heat and the dust from the cars crawling past them it must have been tough. Its huge open spaces as far as you can see and the blue skies were all dolled up with clouds. Oh so pretty – but oh so remote!

Steen Mt

There was a pretty good thunderstorm tonight and what followed  was an onslaught of misquitos! I do believe JP had a bite or two but I on the other hand was the object of their affection. JP spent about a half hour before movie o’clock ridding poor Lucky of the beasts! 

Tuesday:  We packed our lunch and headed to Krumbo Reservoir for the day. We lathered up in sunscreen and took our pontoons out for the day. I caught 3 really nice trout and JP sampled all his new bass tackle and caught some bass. We spent about 6 hours on the water – which was a good idea because it was 96 or so and only the occasional wind to cool things off. 

Wednesday: It was just too hot to fish and there are signs near the river that ask you not to fish when the temperatures are high. JP says its because even if you catch and release the, the stress of the heat kills the fish. So we cranked up the air (which isn’t saying much in Lucky) and hid out from the heat. After it cooled down a bit we did a little pre-packing for our AM departure. We’re headed back to the Valley. 

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