Off To The Air Museum

Saturday March 24th, 2018

JP and I made a trip to the Palm Springs Air Museum about 15 miles away. Its much smaller than the Pima Air Museum outside of Tucson. We spent the afternoon roaming the 4 different hangers full of military memorabilia, planes and military displays.

Outside the hangers, planes from all eras were parked along the fence that backs up to the Palm Springs International Airport. It was cool to watch the planes take off in front of a beautiful mountain backdrop while we toured. We even got to watch an exhibit plane land at the airport and then taxi into the museum grounds.

JP and I had our eye on different parts of the museum. He focused on the planes, helicopters and the history at the museum and I liked the art. There was plenty to see and learn about and the museum is staffed by veterans.

The “Nose Art” was cool and who knew Disney had a hand in any of it? There was also a display of art by Chris Demarest called Humanity Within War that was an interesting addition to the museum.

It was an interesting day. There were a lot of visitors of all ages.

By the time we got home today the Desert Hot Springs WIND was at its strongest so it was a noisy night in Lucky!

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