Hippo Birdie To Me!

March 8th, 2018

Since It was my Birthday I was queen for the day. We started with a trip to downtown Palm Springs for breakfast at the Broken Yolk. They were busy and understaffed so the waiter gave us a 2 for 1 card to come back. I’m sure we will – they have mimosa flights!  We didn’t have the Bloody Mary but it looks like a meal!

After breakfast, we stopped at a Rockys Pawn Shop that wasn’t like any we’d seen before. 

Signed guitars, memorabilia, and quality jewelry, the diamonds had even been graded and certified. It was odd not to see tools and guns. Not that kinda pawn shop! The photos just wouldn’t work well because of the reflections but you’ll get the idea.

Around the corner was REVIVALS and what a cool store that was! It’s like a retail store with thrift store prices.Revivals

I loved these gently used white bar stools and they were only 50.00 each. A steal!

Revival Chairs.JPG

There’s also a part of the store has brand new retro furniture that I loved! You can look up Revival Store on Facebook to see more cool stuff! 

My head was swimming with decorating ideas but luckily I got distracted by by maragaritas at Peter and Patsy’s followed by pool time. 

At dusk we headed downtown to the Villagefest. The Marilyn below was a mural downtown. Villagefest Mural

The street is blocked off for the artist’s and vendor’s. Their stalls line the street under well lit canopies and they have a healthy crowd of shoppers. There was all kinds of interesting original art, jewelry and food. We popped into a few galleries too. These were my favorites from one of the galleries.

JP loved this guys crazy fish art. Too large for Lucky and a wee bit hard for me to fit into any decor that I had in mind. LOL!
Villagefest 1

After a late dinner at Ruby’s (a cooler version of Johnny Rockets) we made our way through the end of the fair and called it a night. It was a great date night and perfect Birthday! 



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