Cabot’s Museum Extraordinaire!

Saturday March 10th, 2018  

Patsy and Peter came out our way today, our destination was the Cabot’s Pueblo Museum. It was fascinating! The tour was an hour long and the story of this man’s life is phenomenal.  His full name is Cabot Yerxa and its worth the time to look him up online. A guide takes your little group on the hour long tour and covers Cabot’s life and accomplishments while you move from space to space. There’s an authentic gift gallery and the grounds around the museum are lovely. 



Cabot was an adventurer, an artist, and a humanitarian according to the brochure. He was also a “community visionary, leader, a man of tolerance, kindness and a lover of people and the desert.” He was THE MAN when it came to recycling and repurposing, which is how he built his 35 room, 5,000 sq ft pueblo. 

And  . . . Cabot discovered the mineral hot springs of Desert Hot Springs. The springs feed the 3 hot tubs in our KOA park. Each with their own temperature. 104, 99, and 98 degrees.


If cats have nine lives,  this man had at dozens of lives and though they weren’t simple or by any means easy –  it seems he lived them all to the max! What he accomplished during his extraordinary life (1883 – 1965) is so impressive!

At one point he decided that art was calling to him so he attended the Students Art League in LA (an incubator of modernist artists), and the Académie Julian in Paris. An interesting fork in the road for his life.

Cabots DHS 11

In an interim period after Cabot’s death the pueblo was inhabited by a hippie commune. I’m thinking the ROCK was probably created at that point. Someone had a good sense of humor!

Ancient Weather Rock
When Rock is wet it’s raining
When rock is white it’s snowing
When rock is hard to see it’s foggy
When rock is moving it’s windy or there’s an earthquake

Viva Cabot Yerxa! A man I never knew about and will never forget!




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