Wildlife and Fishin’

Tuesday February 27th 2018
JP was up and at ‘em today with a new destination on the lake. I spent the day rearranging in Lucky and eavesdropping on our neighbors (voices carry something fierce here) trying to gather secret tips on the lake for JP. The Park seems to attract as many ATV folks as fisherman and I heard one guy talking about his javelina hunt.

Alamo State Park

JP has seen coyote, bunnies, bald eagles, gigantic swans, pelicans, and burros. I have heard nothing but non-stop birds! Hundreds of them all talking at once! Day 1 it was kinda “Oh yeah, cool! Disney Jungle background music” but now not so much! It starts about 8:00 with the birds tap dancing on our roof and then the chorus begins -and goes on and on and on! 

JP left early and had covered a lot of water in 2 hours of rowing to the spot he wanted and caught a bass. Not long after that the wind kicked in and all but 1 boat headed back to camp. JP was rowing against the wind so the last boater leaving gave him a lifeline – hooray!

We went scouting before dinner and drove around in a quest for a nearer launch so there’d be less rowin’ and more fishin’. Found it! It’s open and beautiful here with the hills and mountains around us.

Later JP found a friendly neighbor who seemed happy to share all of his fishing tricks for the lake over some Jameson. A good end to the day!

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