About Lucky . . .

Thursday Feb 15th, 2018                                                                                                             

The Insurance adjuster came out to look over the damage on the trailer and much to our shock – it is actually considered to be a total loss since the estimated cost of repair was 9,400.00. They are happy to take our Lucky as salvage, pay off our trailer with some cash to spare but there is generally a 10 day recapture of the salvaged trailer. WHAT! Most of my friends know it generally takes me months to pick out a shower curtain so a 10 day window to shop for a trailer freaked me out some! We are waiting to see if they will grant us Lucky through the rest of our planned (and paid) for itinerary though April.  Who knows – we could catch a break?


To ease our pain we indulged in a high calorie, super high fat lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Our blog isn’t a food blog but when its special or odd I just gotta share. We haven’t been to a Five Guys before. That’s probably because there is usually a Red Lobster nearby with luscious cocktails and cheesy biscuits, so it’s a no brainer.

We ordered 2 burgers and a medium fry. Seems simple but never having had the Five Guy experience we weren’t prepared. We picked up our bag with the order in it and JP looks in the bag – with the oddest expression and asks me “what IS this?” and I look inside and say “fries?” Long silence. He takes the bag to the counter and asks “What is this?” and they say “fries!” Apparently our order of 2 burgers and the medium cup of fries were actually in the bottom of the bag under their complementary  (dumped loosely in the bag) mountain of french fries. Literally a MOUNTAIN of loose fries covering our order.  I looked it up online and YES this is a thing. They are being generous and cool. Just letting you know – so you aren’t caught off guard and dumbfounded like we were. Oh – the burgers and the mega mountain of fries we managed to eat were good!     



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