A Little Help?

Hey there! If you reading this you are following our blog (thank you!) and I have a question for ya. Last year we posted a blog post for most every day we were on the road. This year I decided to try posting a weekly blog post instead. What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know which you think is the better the better way to go. So appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “A Little Help?

  1. I’m absolutely addicted to your blog and the incredible pics! So my take is that you write something every hour on the hour! Including pics of course! Thanks! Rick S. You should be working for a travel magazine!!!!!

    • Hi Rick,
      Thanks so much! Its nice to know someone is reading the blog! Its been fun and really makes us pay attention and be present while we are on the road. Of course some days aren’t all that interesting but I try to find something worthwhile in every day. It will be nice to catch up in person when we make it back Bandon way!

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